In Home Senior Care Agency Fulfills
Needs Of Aging Elderly Parents

LOS ANGELES – April 29, 2009 Los Angeles-based in-home senior care agency Good Company Senior Care, Inc. reports steady growth in 2009, responding to high demand from a ‘sandwich generation’ squeezed between raising children and caring for elderly parents. Despite the recession economy, Good Company’s offices in Los Angeles and Rancho Cucamonga are both busier than ever, and are actively recruiting new caregivers.

“People are overwhelmed and they’re turning to us for help,” said Jack Merrick, Good Company’s co-executive director. “Imagine that you’re swamped with work and family responsibilities, then mom or dad becomes ill or very frail, or starts showing signs of dementia. You’re afraid for their safety but you can’t watch over them, and you don’t want them moved to an assisted living facility or nursing home. That’s where Good Company comes in.”

Good Company Senior Care is a non-medical in home care provider with a staff of highly experienced, selectively-screened caregivers who help seniors live safer, healthier, happier lives. For a few hours a day or around-the-clock, Good Company caregivers help with daily tasks and activities, driving to appointments and errands, preparing healthy meals, bathing and grooming, and helping elderly clients stay active and engaged in life.

“It’s the little things that make a huge difference in health and quality of life,” Merrick explained. “Going for walks, socializing, having fresh laundry and healthy balanced meals.” Good Company caregivers also engage seniors with puzzles and games, keeping minds active to combat dementia. “We’ve seen such dramatic turnaround in clients after just a few weeks of in home caregiving help from our team,” he said.

While Good Company’s caregivers are not medical providers, they do make sure their elderly clients don’t skip medications, and they drive them to medical appointments. They maintain calendars and make sure medical follow-up care instructions are carried out, communicating frequently so that adult children know everything about their parents’ health issues and needs.

Almost as important as seniors’ quality of life improvement is the peace of mind gained by the adult children who reach out to Good Company. In many cases, they live too far away to visit their parents frequently or can’t provide the level of intensive daily care needed. Jack Merrick and his staff have folders full of letters and thank-you cards from clients expressing gratitude and appreciation. In many cases, caregivers stay with an elderly person right up to the end of their life, and become like members of the family.

Many seniors resist going into a nursing home or an assisted living facility; they want more than anything to stay in the comfort and security of their own homes. With longer life expectancies and constant medical advances, many more frail elderly people are struggling to live at home alone. These factors make in-home senior caregiving a fast growing industry sector, but experts warn consumers to be wary, check qualifications and screen senior care companies carefully.

Non-medical in home health care is not well regulated, and there are a lot of cut-rate competitors who don’t screen staff carefully and don’t provide consistent coverage. Organizations like CAHSAH (California Association for Health Services at Home) advocate for home care issues, set industry standards, introduce best practices and provide certification for agencies. Good Company Senior Care is certified by CAHSAH and is known for exceptionally strict selectivity in screening caregivers for experience, reliability, compassion, and commitment. Of course, criminal background checks and DMV records are examined in detail, too.

“We’re growing as a company not just because of high demand for in home senior care services, but because we set a very high standard – most of our business comes through referrals from current clients,” Merrick noted. “Some people shop around for lower rates but come to us after bad experiences with other home care agencies. Then they experience how we live up to every promise, and how we take care of seniors as if they were our own parents.”

CONTACT: Jack Merrick, Co-executive Director, Good Company Senior Care
TEL: 323.932.8700