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In Home Senior Care photo-12The following information and articles regarding do’s and don’ts of senior care include specific guidelines that should be used when choosing a home care agency and information about how to assess the specific needs of any senior.

Remember, March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month!
With colorectal cancer, early detection is everything, and since there's no good reason why otherwise smart folks avoid seeing the doctor for a necessary colonoscopy, we've dreamed up a strategy to make it less awkward and more fun.

Turning Resistance into Assistance: Overcoming Your Senior's Objections to Getting the Help They Need
One of the biggest hurdles caregivers face is the stubbornness of their loved ones. It's not really their being unreasonable; instead it's a perfectly reasonable reaction to a threat to their independence, control and dignity. In this brief article we offer a counterintuitive, winning strategy that will help you succeed in persuading your senior to accept help.

All the Latest in High Tech for Seniors and Their Caregivers: A Report from CES 2011
Kicking off 2011 with a bang, some of latest, most cutting-edge senior-oriented and caregiver technology was recently unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. We highlight some of the most impressive devices, gadgets, software, applications and technological improvements for senior-oriented safety, connectivity and communication.

A Goal-oriented Approach to Finding the Perfect Gifts for Your Senior Loved Ones
The holiday season is a time for joy and togetherness, but unfortunately it's also an opportunity for family tension. Giving gifts can be tricky, especially when it comes to seniors. We offer a few tips to help you please the senior who has everything/who wants nothing.

Securing Your Loved Ones' Financial Future: A Proactive Approach
With years of experience working with the families of seniors in our care, Good Company Senior Care wants to offer you our unique insight on meeting the challenges of senior finances. We strongly suggest a proactive approach based on a simple, five-step plan.

Fall Prevention: A Focus on Safety Improves Quality of Life and Happiness
With the implementation of a few commonsense safety measures one can ensure a safer living environment for senior loved ones, and drastically reduce or prevent the occurrence of falls.

Professional Caregivers—Your Ally in Eldercare
A caregiver can be your solid ally during a difficult period. He or she can take on caregiving responsibilities while at the same time protecting the existing relationship you have had with your parents.

Promoting Safety and Independence For Aging Parents
For seniors who choose to stay in their homes into their eighties and beyond, the key to their maintaining independence is safety, safety, safety.

Seven Ways to Promote Your Parents’ Better Brain Health
Many gerontologists (specialists in the study of aging) acknowledge and agree upon 7 keys to brain fitness.

Home safety checklist.
Helpful Tips On Making The Home Safe For Aging Seniors.

Choosing a senior care company.
Questions To Ask When Choosing A Company That'll Take Care Of Your Elderly Parents.

Is your senior eating right?
How To Pack The Most Nutritious Foods Into Your Senior's Daily Diet.

Reduce Senior Care Giver Stress.
Sage Suggestions For Lifting The Burden Of Caregiver Stress.

How To Help Your Aging Parents Stay Happy And Healthy
Six Recommendations To Help You Understand What May Be Happening To Your Parents As They Age.